Sunbreeze Essential Oils
You won't find anything comparable to Sunbreeze® Oil on the market. That's because it's formulated by owner expertise for quality and safety.

From the Heat of the Sun - to the Cool of the Breeze... Soothing, healing oils and balms have been a part of Chinese herbalism for centuries. The Chinese developed a soothing, penetrating formula to ease pain and promote healing of external injuries. SunBreeze is based on the formula recorded in herbal manuscripts of ancient Chinese emperors. Sunrider's SunBreeze follows this tradition combined with modern technology. SunBreeze oil is made from pure essential oils of flowers and herbs, while the balm is made from the same oil blended in a natural beeswax base. SunBreeze naturally promotes more blood circulation in the areas where it is applied and the body does it's own healing.

What Makes Sunbreeze Oil Unique?

5 Natural Ingredients... Menthol, Camphor, Cassia Oil, Mint Extract, Eucalyptus Oil.

Sunbreeze does not contain man made ingredients, chemicals, or synthetic aromas.

Other oils and balms, like Tiger Balm, say to contact poison control if swallowed because of all the chemicals added. Sunbreeze Oil is unique because it's 100% pure and natural, no chemicals! It is made from the essential oils of flowers and herbs and is super concentrated.

SunBreeze facilitates healing through warming (as the sun) or cooling (as the breeze).